Jordan Canon Can Help You To!

Jordan Canon Can Help You To!

Looking for an astrology newsletter that wont disappoint?? Well— I’ve studied astrology since I was 14yrs old and never have I found a better site that offers in-depth help for those of us not trying to spend $20-$100 each time we seek a meaningful astrological reading or spiritual guidance. Don’t trust me? SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!!


Devil in Disguise; the Unethical Practices of Monsanto

  Monsanto is a company that specializes in production of agricultural/vegetable seeds, plant biotechnology and crop protection chemicals. Monsanto headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri, but operates internationally as well with 21,035 employees¬†globally with 404 facilities in 66 countries. In the United States alone it employs 10,317¬†146 with facilities in 33 states.[1]So you can… Continue reading Devil in Disguise; the Unethical Practices of Monsanto