Scattered Thoughts

Photo By: Erica Taylor
Blvd. of the Allies, Pgh PA

Downtown Pittsburgh is a bustling and thriving scene during the early morning hours. Nestled in the heart of downtown is Market Square; an urban melding of various scents flowing between the skyscrapers and over the cobble-stoned streets.

Market Square has come along way from where it was 10-years-ago, but continuous effort made by Pittsburgh City Planning and the general public has piqued a new interest in the ever-flourishing town square.

With the streets filled with people on their way to their destinations and the air filled with delicious smells of coffee and breakfast, one cannot escape the contemporary allure of grabbing something from one of the shops located in Market Square.

Let’s not forget about Breugger’s Bagels located at 25 Market Sq. and throughout the city. Another inexpensive great way to start the day! The restaurant serves traditional morning favorites like: bagels, breakfast sandwiches and deli-style sandwiches along with coffee.

If you’re in the mood for something sweeter like a Danish or a cinnamon roll, then don’t miss out on Prantl’s Bakery located at 438 Market Sq. Prantl’s is a local bakery that’s known for it’s delicious burnt- almond torte.

So whether you’re headed to or from class, swing by to experience the different kinds of breakfast Market Sq. has to offer!


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